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ABout Subhasree

Land is most stable, Fastes growing, and low risk investment opportunity for every indian. When we invested the right land at the right it earns you the highest returns compared to every other investment option.

SSP mission is to make land investment affordable for each family so that they could ensure security of their future and purpose their goals confidently.

SSP invests the large lands and converts them into smaller land investment opportunities so that you too can own a piece of land.

Owning piece of land is the common Indian's dream. At Subhasree Promoters India Pvt Ltd. We fulfill this dream by driving opportunities in the area of real estate. Working across the Andhrapradesh & Telangana (India) [We are a company made of Indians by the indians and working for the Indians].

A group of seasoned professionals with a collective experience of over three dedicates leads Subhasree Promoters India Pvt Limited with core values of promise of Delivery, Transpancy, Large Scale Development, Intigrity Growth, and Excellence to deliver the land of prosperity to our customers.

K. Balaji

Managing Director

Y.V.V Satyanarayana

Executive Director
040-40102299 info@subhasreepromoters.com